IMB Ministry Reaching the MUSAHAR UPG

Mushhor UPG - front pageIndigenous Missions of Bangladesh (IMB) has been working in Bangladesh since the last three decades. They are headquartered in Dhaka and work among tribals and Hindus in the remote areas.

Project Details
Village School
The first phase of this 60 ft x 22 ft bamboo structure school is proposed for a village in Dinajpur district North West of Dhaka. The structure will have a corrugated sheet roof, three class rooms, a teacher’s room and three latrines. Close to 200 children would benefit from this school and it will be the first Christian school developed in this area. The ministry will be responsible for oversight and governance.

This project will target the tribal people groups like Santal, Musahar, Bhunjars. These tribes are mostly unreached with the gospel. The school will provide access to these people, through their children.

Project Cost