Annual Report for 2016

AIM had a tremendous year in 2016

In the field, we provided several school buildings and fulfilled other educational needs—mostly at the request and direct support of our donors. While we are thankful for the Lord’s provision for children’s education, AIM’s burden is to encourage church planting and evangelism. Below are descriptions of what your support helped accomplish in 2016:


  • Constructed a school for unreached tribes
  • Built another school for Muslim children
  • Provided furniture for both schools
  • Built two toilet facilities
  • Pledged to meet the teacher’s salary for both the schools
  • Delivered emergency relief support for families affected by September flood.
  • Provided motorcycles for missionaries


  • Provided 1,000 study Bibles to evangelists for distribution
  • Sponsored a four-month Bible training program for 30 participants
  • Supported construction of a mission center
  • Sent donor-raised funds for a school building
  • Supplied a year’s worth of books for a remote village school
  • Sent funds for a bore well
  • Provided a water filtration project for 40 Muslim villages
  • Supported 10 missionaries for a year


  • Sent donor-originated funds to build a school
  • Helped start a new mission field in Ache (Northern Sumatra) among the unreached.


  • Supported earthquake rebuilding efforts in Nepal.


Reaching the Unreached

Over 50 ministries that are in communication (not supported yet) with AIM report of visiting over 3000 villages in 2016. These villages have many unreached groups, among them 47 People Groups heard the Good News for the first time! Many of these groups are listed on the Joshua Project as “code red,” which means less than 2% of the population are evangelicals, and very few Christians of any kind, and little knowledge of Christian history. Some of the UPGs reached were the Kashmari in Pakistan, the Kokna and Bheel in India, the Musher and Shantel in Bangladesh, and the Magar in Nepal. Pray with us that we can support all these ministries who are reaching the unreached.



Reaching the Musahar People of Bangladesh/India Through Indigenous Ministries

In the beginning of 2016 we prayed that the Lord might enable AIM to make inroads among the destitute and unreached people groups in the Indian sub-continent. That led our way to the Musahar, an unreached people group who are considered one of the lowest of the Dalit groups in India and Bangladesh. Their name is derived from two Hindi words for “rat catcher,” and is likely attributed to them for their tendency to eat rodents. Literacy rate among this group is between 2 to 6 percent, which is one of the primary reasons for this group’s social and economic backwardness. (

Through an indigenous ministry in Bangladesh, AIM helped build a Christian school in the northern tribal area where more than 60 percent of the children attending are from the Musahar tribe. Children of other unreached people groups, such as the Santal and Rajbanshis, also benefit from the school. Through the children, Bengali missionaries reach out to the parents and community.

Local government officials and community leaders attended the opening ceremony on January 2, 2017, and the local community is enthusiastic. AIM is committed to supporting the school teachers for next five years and hopes this support will help build a strong foundation for sustainable and quality education, as well as, a foundation in Christ which will result in salvations for generations to come.


A great beginning in 2017

Already in January we sent funds to accomplish several projects:

¨ Funds sent for a hostel building . We have made faith promise to support teachers, books and uniforms for those who cannot afford it.

¨ Support for 64 missionaries.

¨ Full support for a residential tailoring program to help pastor’s wives supplement their families’ meager incomes.

¨ Another ministry received help for a three-months-long tailoring program. This project is to help women at risk or rescued from the sex trade.

¨ The North India water filtration project has received enough funds to start manufacturing bio cement filters.

¨ Sent funds to repair one of the few Christian schools in rural Pakistan.

¨ Sent funds to provide 700 Urdu Bibles.

¨ We also sent support to train missionaries preparing to reach the unreached Khamti, Chakma & Reang tribes of India.


Glimpses from the field from 2016

Christmas Outreach

Water Baptism


A new church plant among the unreached

Dedication of missionaries going out to the field

Our Prayer Goals for 2017:

.  Missionary support for 100 indigenous missionaries

.  Help start new work among 10 UPGs

.  Construct 10 church buildings

.  Construct four school buildings

.  Bible distribution

.  Support discipleship and leadership training for new and already engaged evangelists on the field.

.  Continue to supply bicycles and motorcycles for missionaries

.  Tailoring programs in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia

.  Enough expenses for our ministry activities at home base.