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Annual Report for 2016

AIM had a tremendous year in 2016.

In the field, we provided several school buildings and fulfilled other educational needs—mostly at the request and direct support of our donors. While we are thankful for the Lord’s provision for children’s education, AIM’s burden is to encourage church planting and evangelism.

Take a look at what your support helped accomplish in 2016:    . . .

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UPG FOCUS: The MUSAHAR People of Bangladesh/India

welcomeThe Musahar are considered one of the lowest of the Dalit groups within India and suffer tremendously from their status in society. Their name is derived from two words meaning “rat catcher” and is likely attributed to them for their tendency to eat rodents in times of dire need. They are short in stature with a long narrow headshape and broad nasal features.Education is not valued and literacy is extremely low with literacy rates running 2-6%. Often times they will drop out at the primary level due to social or economic factors. Modern development programs have had little impact on them as few if any of the sparse allocated resources designated for them every reach them in their need. (Reference: JoshuaProject.net).


AIM is assisting indigenous ministries that are reaching this unreached people group (UPG) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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